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Professional, courteous and friendly…

I had the opportunity to accompany my wife to Barbara Katz as she had to pick up some previously-ordered clothing. This was my first time going to the store. The store is absolutely beautiful — the interior colors are very attractive, the design of the store is well-laid out, and it is brightly lit. Even more important — the employees are all professional and personable. My wife has been working with a sales associate named Lee. My wife brought home several outfits a few months ago that perfectly complemented my wife’s coloring and figure. She told me that Lee had made most of the recommendations.

When we entered the store nearly all of the sales associates said hello to my wife and how nice it was to see her again. As my wife was picking up her previous order, I took a walk around the store to see if there were any other outfits my wife might like. I immediately found several, and went to show them to my wife. Lee was with my wife, and told her that she had several potential outfits my wife might like to try on in addition to the two I had found. Several of the outfits fit perfectly, but a couple did not. What I found impressive is that Lee told my wife when the outfits were flattering — and when they were not. Too often I have been clothes shopping with my wife where the sales person said every outfit was a “10” — whereas I found them to be a “3.”

As we were paying for the outfits the owner of the store came by and introduced herself (Lauri). She thanked my wife for her business — and asked if there was anything special in the way of designs/looks that my wife was interested in — that Lauri would make a special effort to find these.

… I found the selection to be very broad — both in terms of style, and pricing. And as I noted, the sales associates — and the owner– were professional, courteous, and friendly. It so happened that after having shopped at Barbara Katz, that evening the movie Pretty Woman was on. We watched the scene where Julia Roberts attempts to go clothes shopping at a store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills — and how the sales ladies totally ignored her for “not being wealthy.” There are a number of clothing stores in Boca like the store in Pretty Woman — but Barbara Katz is the exact opposite of that.

Robert S.
July 23rd, 2016

High level of expertise…

Dear Barbara,
Thank you so much for finding me the perfect top for the wedding. I want you to know how very much I appreciated all the time and expertise you spent with me! You are a great asset to the store.


Barbara Morris
November 20th, 2015

So accommodating…

I stopped in at CHUKKERS today at 4:20pm. Met at the door by a “saleswoman” who said, “we are closing at 4:30″. I said,”Ok, I’ll just look around.” “What are you looking for,” she asked. “A dress,” said I. The saleswoman said, “You know, that’s time consuming, please come back. She has to pick up her granddaughter.” I can’t believe she said that to me, the customer!! REALLY? I drove 1/2 an hour to get here, you are supposed to close at 5, there are 3 of you here, even if 1 of you is leaving early to “pick up her granddaughter! And the 2 other workers at the register were commenting on how ridiculous I was by showing up so close to closing! I have shopped there often and spent a lot of money. Their clothes are NOT that inexpensive. If your door is open, I think the owner would expect you to allow the customer to enter.

So, I drove to Barbara Katz, open until 6, and found a gorgeous dress. And they were happy to make a $900 sale…so close to closing!!

Don’t think I’ll be going back to CHUKKERS, at least not for a while!

Arlene L
March 1st, 2013

What a pleasure…

Dear Susan,
Just to let your know what a pleasure it was to work with Linda Bresso. She goes the extra mile to make shopping at Barbara Katz an enjoyable experience.

Eileen Giller

Let you know about the excellent service…


First, I would like to let you know about the excellent service I have received on more than one occasion at Barbara Katz. I originally worked with Susan during the Royal Palm Women’s Club fashion show in March. Susan picked out the prefect clothing for me; in fact, they were so lovely I purchased them. (I was back again during the summer and worked with Susan again). I had the opportunity to bring my mother-in-law into your store and Susan again helped us with the prefect clothing for my mother-law. We are celebrating my in-law’s 60th anniversary in December and Susan helped my mother-in-law not only with her attire for the party, but New Years Eve and other parties this season. Susan also helped with her with some of her every day wear. Susan is a true professional and has a way of knowing exactly the clothing that looks best on individuals. I also purchased some more clothing, with the help of Susan.

I was wondering if you would be kind enough to have Susan either be a model or help with the models for our December 10, 2008 Women’s club Fashion Show? I think she will be an asset to the event.

Thank you for your time,

Lynne K. Arlen
Office Manager

It was the most spectacular feeling and I felt like a flower floating so brightly on the water…

Hi Natasha, This is a very special note from me… Trudy Cusmariu Ain… in Montreal… to let you know I purchased a stunning dress in March 2010 to wear on June 6, 2010 for my daughter’s wedding… I was serviced by Susan Rogul… I wanted to let you know how joyous I felt every time I had to put it on for alterations… It was the most spectacular feeling and I felt like a flower floating so brightly on the water… It created a radiant and joyful feeling for everyone at the wedding… I wanted to let you know… and of course I let everyone who asked…”where did you get that dress”… “Barbara Katz Boca”… I spotted it in your window when I drove up to the store… And I said to my hubby…that’s it… Peaches and Cream…

Thank you so much… Looking forward to seeing you again soon… In gratitude and appreciation Thank you Susan…

Thank you…

Thank you for taking back the first dress I bought

Trudy Cusmariu Ain…Montreal, Quebec…
P.S. perhaps if you would like… When the photos come out… I will send you one… and you can attach my letter… To it…

A delight to work with…

Please allow me to compliment you and your whole staff on the wonderful shopping experience I had that day.

Linda couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating. She was a delight to work with. Since then, Linda has encouraged me to buy the Victorian black jet necklace from your store to go with the jacket. I am excited about the whole ensemble and will certainly return to your beautiful new store for more fabulous looks.

Denise S. Meyer

Do I even need to say I’ll be back next year…

Monteclair Times: March 12, 2009 By Karen Schloss Diaz“Earlier that day, my mother had taken me to a women’s clothing shop I’d never visited before. Sure, there’s an awesome mall in Boca Raton, but we have all the same stores at The Mall at Short Hills, and I was eager to experience something equally chic but different. Shortly after we walked into the store, a saleswoman came over and introduced herself. There were great sales happening, and she made sure to point them out. Unobtrusively but with great competence, she found us what we were looking for in the sizes we needed, and held onto everything till we were ready to go into the dressing room. In short, she did everything you’d expect a great salesperson to do. As we started to head out, purchases in our hands, she held out two umbrellas in bright colors and asked which we’d prefer. Then she threw tow handsome notepads with the shop’s name – Barbara Katz – into our bags. Do I even need to say I’ll be back next year? Hell, I’ll head there before hitting the beach!
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